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Installation Upholstery Pricing

The following include labor and materials

We only charge for installation per seat.

No travel or other related charges.

48” Booth Seat Covers $90 each
60” Booth Seat Covers $90 each
Over 60” Booth Seat Covers Call for a Quote
Side Chairs & Bar Stool Covers(WITH INSTALLATION)
20” x 22” Flat Covers $20 each
20” x 24” Flat Covers $25 each
Raised Bar Stool Covers Up to $45 each

$5 for every booth seat cover goes to preschool education

How we work

The upholstery process begins with careful measurements, choosing your material colors, and finally execution. We often install the new seat covers in the early morning or work around the restaurant's busiest time of day. Installation is typically completed in a single business day, depending on the volume of the upholstery work to be completed.

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McGovern Upholstery installing a new booth seat cover